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Stony Dental PracticeStony Dental Practice
3.5 Stars - Based on User Reviews
Anton HinxmanAnton Hinxman

Dentist: Kayesh
Dental Nurse: Poppy

Really good checkup and treatment but some 'unexpected ancillary aspects'.

I'm a 'returner' to NHS treatment having been serviced by another local private practice for many, many years. I expected a no-frills delivery but I found myself pleasantly pleased with the actual dentistry work.

I find things are very different with private practice and NHS. The first thing I noticed was the long wait time to the first check-up appointment, over four months! From the appearance of the waiting area it is clean and, thankfully, without a pointless TV on the wall. The waiting area reading material consists of cheap social gossip mags (not my choice) but that's not why I am there! But something is needed because they may run a little late - but... don't get me wrong: "I would rather that they are as thorough as they are so that a good dentistry service can be given." - Take your own reading material and chill out.

Another business 'cultural problem' was the expectation to pay up-front. In private practice there is the implied understanding that if you pay at the end then you are giving your approval of the appointment service received. I would guess that many NHS patients may not turn up and this causes their out of pocket expense, to their NHS offering, so they ask for treatment costs up-front. That gets you turning up doesn't it...! So I just live with it and trust that I will get good service - odds on, I will get that good service.

All in all you have to be a little bit flexible in your understanding as to why things are as they are.

There are some ragged edges to their ancillary services such as having a photocopy of your registration form and it being almost unreadable due to photocopy toner smudge. I can also see that there is a new Brother photocopier waiting to be installed. I just think that this office needs more head office support.

My check-up involved X-Rays and showed problems. The dentist, and myself, both viewed the X-Ray pictures and a very clear explanation was given concerning these problems and what could be done about them. One chipped filling repair and one new filling was arranged for the NEXT day. I think that the dentist was right to make this judgement. I have been ignoring jaw pain for some time and considered it simply a nighttime grinding teeth problem.

I must be a nightmare client because I suffer from constant and chronic foot pain and fear having even more pain during this treatment. My fears were unjustified, the dentist properly injected pain relief and gave time for it to work while he did the cracked filling / surface tooth repair.

The dentist's work area was clean although totally lacking in any 'joyful appearance'. It needs brightening up with cheerful images and a change in the old light bulbs. I don't see the dentist's chair as child friendly because the room does not convey any colour except beige and it is also so dark.

Some of the nice handover aspects were missing. The dentist was great but they should have 'left the door open' to say: "If you have any problems with XYZ then please give us a call." Perhaps he thought that I was sensible enough to know this but in my experience you can never make such assumptions of the general public.

All in all, my gratitude and thanks to the fine work of Kayesh & Poppy.

I hope to see them in a " brighter and better working space " on my next appointment with them in six months time.

Kind regards


James WilsonJames Wilson

I registered yesterday with my mother at this Stony Stratford Dental practice online. When we arrived 5/03/2017 we were greeted with no smiles just a "Yes" from a young angry looking blonde receptionist. When we told her our appointment time, she just looked at us and said can you fill these forms out please. I did my mothers registration, and my own and waited for our appointments. Before we could sit down we were asked for payment up front. Mum was ushered into the Dentist and was told for her it would be a minimum of £200 for new teeth. She explained she was on pension credits and she did not need to pay- then the niceness disappeared. Mum spoke to the same girl at the reception, and said she didn't fill the box in. The girl said in a horrible voice "Well I did ask you if you paid for your treatment".! She is 81 and did not fully understand the form. The treatment plan i received was appalling and again involved money. I was disgusted with the way she receptionist spoke to my mum, and can safely say we will never ever return to this appalling practice.


Shockingly bad, I have just phoned to make an appointment as I'm in pian with a tooth, the dentist has advise me they have de-registered me without notice and are not taking on any new patients and I will have to find a new dentist.....

Jessica TewJessica Tew

Was able to register and get an appointment to suit me, staff were helpful and very friendly!


very good service, well looked after, would highly recommend this practice

Jason DarbyJason Darby

Please ensure that when you book an appointment with the practice that you look for the signs on the wall. If you have a last minute committment that means you get have to rearrange they will keep your deposit that you have paid.
This is even if you are trying to book the appt for another time.
I find this to be slightly annoying as it is more than fine to call you 15 minutes before your appt to say it’s cancelled due to sickness, what about my time? The arrangements I have made for the day?
They don’t tell you this, they merely say it was on the wall, did they point this out to me when I paid my deposit? No of course not!
I do feel that this is awful customer service, surely all it would take would be for the receptionist to point this out to you when paying.
“Excuse me Sir, please note that short notice cancellations will mean that you lose your deposit”
There you go, simple, no angry and annoyed customers.
Service is awful, the Dentist on the other hand was very good, but he’s leaving.

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Linda JackmanLinda Jackman

love my new dentist but i do find i am always kept waiting along while

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