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Stony Dental PracticeStony Dental Practice
3.2 Stars - Based on User Reviews
Kelcie WallerKelcie Waller

I have visited this practice a number of times after transferring from another dentist and cannot fault any of my experiences here. My last appointment was a check up, clean and polish and I felt completely comfortable throughout with the dentist explaining what he would be doing throughout the whole appointment. All of the staff that I interacted with were extremely helpful and friendly 🙂

Emma ButletEmma Butlet

Really happy with the service i have received at stony dental practice! When I first started coming 2 years ago I was so nervous I hated the dentist, now I love coming! All the staff are so friendly and so welcoming 🙂

sharron fosseysharron fossey

My dentist kesh and assistant are brilliant would not go anywhere else .. made to feel at ease and very friendly 😊😊😊

John ClarkeJohn Clarke

Staff are friendly and make you fell very relaxed especially the reception staff. Having had intensive work done my dentist was always happy to see me at short notice to speak about any concerns I had after the treatment. After years of going to another dentist who I was always reluctant to go to due to the attitude of the staff and dentists themselves, after attending this one my faith was restored and I felt that they wanted the best for me and continue to do so. Excellent !!!!

Shiru EvansShiru Evans

I'd used this dentist since 2013 but my experience this year told me I needed to leave. I arrived for my 6month check up on time. As I entered the treatment room my aunty rang me as I'd left my 5 month old with her for the first time and he was in distress...i didn't want to drag him in the rain on the bus for 30 minutes hence leaving him at home. The dentist assistant started shouting at me saying I was wasting time and they only had 5 minutes to see me....least to say I was very upset and in tears. The foreign dentist tried to call me down but the damage was already done. I was told that I wasn't the first mum to leave their baby at home blah blah blah...of course I knew that..

The receptionist staff are the most miserable there. I've never ever got a smile from them. You are just a number to them(of course I know they treat 100s of patients)..i will never go back to that dentist. The advice given was never more than floss regularly - I do..we pay for the service be it on the nhs so we should receive a better service

Helen MooreHelen Moore

I had to get my daughter an emergency sit and wait appointment, the staff were lovely, the dentist was thorough and efficient. The place is clean and friendly.

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Kelcie WallerKelcie Waller

Friendly staff - never a bad experience!

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Mick LanganMick Langan

practice always clean and tidy, staff always friendly and professional.

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Danielle HumphreyDanielle Humphrey

Excellent dental surgery, staff are very helpful and friendly 😄

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Kimberley KoolcatKimberley Koolcat

Can anyone actually get in for an appointment? Had my check ups cancelled twice and now can't get in touch with them to rearrange.. no answer the phone..no reply to email.. resort to Facebook message still no return contact- unhappy suffering patient ��

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Paul EvettsPaul Evetts

Worst service ever !!!
Booked in for hygienist in August, get a phone call day before she's ill so booked for October. Just received another phone call day before she has an emergency so need to book for November.
No contingencies in place for the only hygienist whatsoever and no care about my time.

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Tracy MillsTracy Mills

In for a Check up. The Receptionists were professional, friendly, and complimentary. We had a lovely wee chat while I paid & filled out my form. It’s so Nice to see a smiling face on reception. Really put me at ease, as I have a terrible phobia of dentists. Dentist, again friendly & professional. Thank you.

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Louis HussainLouis Hussain
Raj BiantRaj Biant
Sophie PlummerSophie Plummer
Lauren GoodyerLauren Goodyer
Francesca MannFrancesca Mann
Aimee HollowayAimee Holloway
Harriet StapletonHarriet Stapleton
Aylsa HumphreysAylsa Humphreys
Lauren HodgsonLauren Hodgson
Sam DavidsonSam Davidson

Clean, friendly and professional.
Always so patient with my two year old and even keep him amused while i have my check up.
Punita is a great dentist, always honest about what treatment i may need and carries it out with ease.
Highly recommend.

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Nick BlatcherNick Blatcher

Just to share the 8 month saga of botched treatment

I had root canal surgery and a crown fitted (a fairly uncomfortable 2 hour process)

This resulted in an abscess (exceptionally painful). I was then told that the procedure hadn't worked as they didn't have precise enough equipment to totally remove the root and I would be have to be referred elsewhere to carry out the root canal again.

Following another abscess months later it transpired that they hadn't actually made the referral. I kept chasing and was eventually seen elsewhere. Another root canal (2 x 1 hour appointments) was carried out.

Another abscess & Stony Dental Practice told me it was just the second surgery settling down.

Another abscess. I booked an appointment and turned up for it. Reception told me they had no record of it & I would have to have an emergency appointment later in the day. I arrived for this waited two hours to see a dentist & I was told that the tooth would have to be extracted, but as I had an abscess this would have to be after the prescribed antibiotics had cleared this up.

Turned up for the tooth extraction appointment and they told me that they had forgotten to charge me £20 for the emergency appointment I had been to previously.

I said the emergency appointment I had to have because you lost my appointment booking? That I am only having to have because of a botched procedure? I am not prepared to pay. So they said I wouldn't be able to be seen.

Following 4 hours of root canal surgery and 4 dental abscesses I have ended up with a tooth that needs to be removed anyway.

I will do this at another surgery as my experience with Stony Dental has been frankly appalling. An abscess is about the worst pain I have ever experienced and to have this multiple times is horrible. The receptionists were vey unsympathetic when trying to get in for treatment.

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Jason DarbyJason Darby

Please ensure that when you book an appointment with the practice that you look for the signs on the wall. If you have a last minute committment that means you get have to rearrange they will keep your deposit that you have paid.
This is even if you are trying to book the appt for another time.
I find this to be slightly annoying as it is more than fine to call you 15 minutes before your appt to say it’s cancelled due to sickness, what about my time? The arrangements I have made for the day?
They don’t tell you this, they merely say it was on the wall, did they point this out to me when I paid my deposit? No of course not!
I do feel that this is awful customer service, surely all it would take would be for the receptionist to point this out to you when paying.
“Excuse me Sir, please note that short notice cancellations will mean that you lose your deposit”
There you go, simple, no angry and annoyed customers.
Service is awful, the Dentist on the other hand was very good, but he’s leaving.

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Linda JackmanLinda Jackman

love my new dentist but i do find i am always kept waiting along while

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